Episode 21: Steely Eyed Missile Man

Titan 2 Missile Crew

As we were leaving Air Venture Oshkosh 2011, Steve took a flight with Milford down to Arkansas to spend some time with his friends Bill & Earlene Hankins. Steve used to live with Bill & Earlene at first as an exchange student and then later when he returned to the USA to get his pilots’ license.


Titan 2 Command Centre

In this episode, Steve chats with Bill about his time in Strategic Air Command as a Titan 2 Combat Missile Crew Commander in one of the many silos located around the Arkansas landscape. Bill talks about the design of the silo and the process to launch a missile then Earlene talks about being an Air Force wife and coping with the strain of Bill’s role. They both then talk a bit about flying with Steve in their Cessna 172 as he was completing his commercial & instrument ratings.

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