Episode 1: First Flights

We discuss a collection of First Flights that occurred down here including Richard Pearse in New Zealand (who may have flown before the Wright Brothers) and the three “First Flights” here in Australia:

  • December 9, 1909: First powered flight by Colin Defries (an Englishman) in a Wright Model A flyer
  • March 18th, 1910: First circling powered flight by Harry Houdini in a Voisin Biplane at Diggers’ Rest near Melbourne
  • October 7th, 1910: First all Australian flight by John Duigan at Mia Mia

We also have a chat we recorded at the Melton Centenary Airshow with Clin Ashton-Martin who was flying a restored Avro Cadet trainer. You can hear our full chat with Clin (and others recorded at Melton) at our Back to the Airshow episode.

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