Episode 16: GippsAero GA-8 Airvan

GippsAero GA-8 Airvan

We recently sat in a GippsAero GA-8 Airvan with Dave Wheatland (their Chief Pilot) and discussed the aircraft. A strong, sturdy design, the GA-8 has been used in a wide range of roles including:

  • Sky diving
  • Scenic flights
  • Passenger transport
  • Cargo hauling
  • Humanitarian work
  • Aerial survey
  • Medivac

You can find these aircraft flying over cities, islands, big game ranges in Africa and at resorts around the world. With great STOL capability, the aircraft is often found flying into short airstrips in remote locations while the new turbo-charged version allows operations at high altitudes.

The GA-8 is rapidly becoming one of Australia’s great success stories and this chat really highlights why that is.

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