Episode 11: Bernie’s Beauties

While at a recent airshow we met Bernie Ferrie sitting under the wing of his American Champion Citabria. He talks with us about flying the Citabria and his 1946 Bellanca Cruisair 14-13-2 that’s currently undergoing a complete rebuild.

American Champion Citabria (image from Wikipedia)

Bernie’s Cruisair was flown to Australia in 1978 as part of the World Vintage Air Rally and its pilot experienced a number of storms as well as getting off course due to the different behaviour of the magnetic compass in the southern hemisphere.

Bellanca Cruisair 14-13-2 (image from Wikipedia)

We also hear some stories about the F/A-18 Super Hornet and how it can “only” manage Mach 1.3 when carrying external tanks & munitions instead of the Mach 2 it can reach when flying “clean.”

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